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Critical Race, Feminism, and Education
A Social Justice Model

(Postcolonial Studies in Education)
by Menah A.E. Pratt-Clarke

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Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 978-0-230-10957-5
ISBN10: 0-230-10957-8

Photo of Raebekkah Pratt-Clarke
by Ray Victor

Critical Race, Feminism, and Education: A Social Justice Model, by Menah A.E. Pratt-Clarke, provides a transformative next step in the evolution of critical race and Black feminist scholarship. Focusing on praxis, the relationship between the construction of race, class, and gender categories and social justice outcomes is analyzed. An applied transdisciplinary model - integrating law, sociology, history, and social movement theory - demonstrates how marginalized groups are oppressed by ideologies of power and privilege in the legal system, the education system, and the media. Dr. Pratt-Clarke documents the effects of racism, patriarchy, classism, and nationalism on Black females and males in the single-sex school debate.