Activism for Women and Women’s History Month Reflection

I continue to learn about Mildred’s activism.  One of Mildred’s dear friends, Karen Stephens shared this post on Facebook about Mildred today:

Don’t miss this presentation about the life and legacy of ISU’s Dr. Mildred Pratt, who worked and retired from ISU’s Social Work Department.

Dr. Pratt planted the seeds for grassroots community activism among her students. Here’s just one small example of her campus legacy.

Dr. Pratt’s informed, motivated and energized students were responsible for securing student fee funding to establish the student organization titled The Married Student Organization. That group created ISU Child Care Center for ISU students, (both single and married) with preschool age children.

It’s first year of operation, 1971, the Center was located in 2 apartments of ISU’s married student housing known as Cardinal Court. The focus was on providing high quality, affordable child care services to student-parents so they could have support and peace of mind while balancing both family and higher education responsibilities.

The ISU Child Care Center, now located in Turner Hall, and it’s mission unchanged, continues to serve students’ as well as faculty’s children. It is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) provides administrative oversight, support and leadership to the Center.

Beyond providing child care, the Center offers hands-on practicum lab experiences and teacher aide employment opportunities for students hoping to work in social service and early education settings after graduation.

WOW! That’s just ONE of the fruits of Dr. Pratt’s labor! Her life story is an amazing one! I’m so glad her daughter will be coming to campus to share it.

(In the interest of full disclosure: I was fortunate to work at ISU Child Care Center from 1975 until I retired in 2013. And in the early ‘70’s I was very lucky to have taken child welfare classes with Dr.Pratt. She was one unique, powerhouse instructor. Am I ever beholden to her presence at ISU!)


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