On Dolphins and Rainbows

A few blogs ago,http://menahprattclarke.com/2018/07/07/on-the-soul-and-the-spirit/ I wrote about the rest step, pausing in the midst of a step to preserve perseverance, to ensure energy, to claim clarity and clear vision.  This weekend, I took a rest step.

Pausing to prepare for the semester ahead, a new dawning, like a sunrise.

Blacksburg has a special energy field of the forest, of the mountains, of hills, of lush trees, a unique power.  Though on the west border of Virginia, it is a relatively short drive to the east coast.  The east coast is almost the polar opposite energy field. We need both to have balance.

Being at the beach…balancing.

Vibrating with the heart beat of mother earth, herself,

She sings songs of joy at the gift she gives and shares with us.

The awesome ocean, rhythmic and reliable,

The soft sand

The people….uanabashedly themselves

Babies learning fearlessness

Bikers biking hard on sand

Sunrises and sunsets

A man singing opera

loudly enough to be heard over the roar of the ocean

I watched … working… on relaxing

being in the moment…being without moments

Studying surfers

who wait for waves

watching intently

I watch for them, too, for the wave to come for them


waiting  and watching

hoping to see a great wave rider

suddenly I see a way far out surfer…

barely bobbing


against the waves in the distance

a special surfer, a master rider of waves…

… a dolphin


I saw dolphins….got so excited.  (See http://@menahprattclarke )

You know, it happened just like that…staring intently at young boys

surfing, intrigued by how it works, how you swim out to a distance, and wait to turn and angle the board just right, stand up and glide on the board.  It is beautiful to see.   I was trying to understand what the surfers were trying to see in the waves and then, I saw them, dolphins.  It was a gift.  I wonder what we often miss by not looking, not looking up,  not noticing, not seeing, not being alone.

I was alone on this trip.  It’s ok to go alone, to be alone, sometimes, for sometimes

wonders wait

for those who are alone, adventurous, unafraid.

And the wonder was a rainbow.  The rain started, gently, sprinkles, while the sun was out.  I knew a rainbow had to be near.  You have to look up to see rainbows.  The colors, vibrant, bold, beautiful, A blessing.

I rested, reflected, rejuvenated, and remembered.

John McCain.  An intriguing individual.  Pomp, circumstance, the military, the power of power and wealth, the government, the Senate, the solemnity.  A church service.

Aretha Franklin. A musician, a civil rights activist.  The music, the passion, the energy, the love.  A church service.

Two iconic Americans, John and Aretha

both influential

one black one white

one a statesman

one a queen

they both lie in state

both honored

John and Aretha

culturally distinctive

defining America

defining American

Leaving legacies.




Aloneness is a time for introspection of oneself

Questioning without questions

Planning for what can’t be planned

Managing what can’t be managed

Controlling what can’t be controlled

Pondering the unponderable

Searching the unseekable

The ocean’s answers appear

Look up, keep walking, rest, relax, dream, believe


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