“When A Black Woman Cooks”

This week, I cooked for my office.

We often have potlucks and in the past I’ve always picked up something from a local restaurant.  I thought it would be good for me to finally cook something homemade.

Once my children moved out, and life changed, there wasn’t really a need to cook big meals.  And, in the transition, I not only cooked less, I also lost a bit of passion for cooking.   A little bit of that passion returned this week.

Cooking is about more than food.  It is also about community, care, and compassion.  My mom cooked for large groups of people and had amazing dinner parties in her small apartment.  She would transform her dining room and living room into a feasting table, with place settings for each person.  It took her weeks of preparation — buying groceries, getting organized in her little kitchen, and planning out what to cook when.   When she was done, she would have 10-15 dishes for 30 of her friends. Every dish was home made. Every dish prepared with love and great care.  She was always so happy, seeing all of us so happy, enjoying each other, enjoying food, enjoying life.  I miss that.  I miss her.  I miss her cooking.  I miss seeing her happy.

And for mama, food wasn’t about food; it was about family, friends, and fun.

And for me, this week, food wasn’t about food; it was about my office family, friends and fun.

Watch this funny short little video short of the day, featuring alter ego, Queen of Shebad, starring with Frederick Douglass in “When A Black Woman Cooks.” https://youtu.be/wIxb-jgVGfw

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