Dr. Pratt-Clarke has been featured and hosted several national, Virginia Tech, and personal podcasts.

National podcasts:

A conversation between Black women and White allies in the academy on Insight Into Diversity (2 sessions)

Below is a podcast and conversation with Howard Teibel on diversity, inclusion, and the opportunity to think about the power of extraordinary kindness and the potential of one voice to advance humanity and create common ground for conversations and community building across difference. Click link below for the podcast:


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Virginia Tech podcasts:

I host three podcast series at Virginia Tech: Unfinished Conversations, Making the Chair Fit, and InclusiveVT Leadership Series. See InclusiveVT YouTube channel for Unfinished and Making the Chair Fit episodes .


Unfinished Conversations are conversations about identity, often race.

Unfinished Conversations on Race in America: A History Lesson (4200 views)

I started the Making the Chair Fit Series in May 2020 to be a space for conversation about how to thrive during difficult times and how the Office for Inclusion and Diversity at Virginia Tech is playing an essential role.

First episode sharing the vision for Making the Chair Fit Series
Conversation with President Tim Sands, May 2020 (1200 views)

Inclusive Leaders Series is a Virginia Tech podcast with corporate chief diversity officers:

Personal Podcast:

I also create a personal video blog called Menah’s Matinee: Music and Musings. All episodes are available on YouTube at Menah Pratt-Clarke. Episodes post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


For a TedX talk, see below:

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